Massage & Reflexology


Massage & Reflexology

Massage, Reflexology and Reiki treatments are not only a treat, but a wonderful relaxing way of supporting our body systems when they show signs of pain, stress or illness. Regular treatments put us in touch with our body, supporting and maintaining mobility, suppleness, revitalisation and calmness, optimising good health.


Treating since 2000 and Specialising in Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage(RLD) and Reiki. Julie is dedicated, caring and committed to bringing effective, relaxing treatments to her clients.


Supporting clients throughout all stages of life Georgina is professional, committed and passionate about her work as a Massage Therapist. Specialising in Relaxing Massage, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Pregnancy Massage. The power of these therapies aim to ease stress, tension, aches and pains, balancing mind body and spirit. The natural way to heal.

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I’ve been seeing Julie on a regular basis for the past 6 years for both Reflexology and Massage. For me this isn’t simply about relaxation during down time, it’s about maintaining my general health & wellbeing holistically, something that's very important to me and from which I benefit greatly. Julie is a highly experienced practitioner; friendly, professional and expert at what she does. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


On recommendation from a friend I booked a Treatment with Julie Forbes
years ago.I thoroughly enjoyed my first very relaxing Reflexology
Session. Julie explaining how different parts of the foot are linked to
different parts of the body, I was hooked as it really improved my aches
and pains.

I then wanted to explore another Treatment. This time I chose an Aromatherapy Full Body Massage. Julie asked lots of questions about my medical, physical and mental state to make sure that I was offered the correct oils to suit me. I was then offered several oils to smell to choose 3 that ‘did something for me’. The choice varies from visit to visit depending on how you are feeling at that time! Soft music, soft lights, I was in seventh heaven.

My husband, John, would drive me to Columbines and I suggested he try
a Massage as he had a few aches and pains. A little bit men
can be.....he loved it as it really did work on his aches and pains....he has
now been joining me regularly for two years!

Julie is a complete Professional with much knowledge explaining everything regarding the body and mind giving her Clients a tailor made experience for each individual.

John and I would like to thank Julie for helping us to ‘keep on top’! We thoroughly recommend the experience with such a lovely, caring lady!

Irene and John Bates


Aromatherapy Massage with Julie

A wonderful effective, flowing massage, blending essential oils and using pressure to suit individual needs.

45 mins - £50

1 hour - £55

1.5 hour - £80

Relaxing Massage with Georgina or Julie.

A relaxing flowing massage using base oil or pre blended essential oils, using pressure to suit individual needs.

45 mins - £50

1 hour - £55

1.5 hour - £80

Deep tissue Massage / Sports Massage with Georgina

Deep Tissue Massage: A flowing deep treatment, perfect for tight knotted muscles. Sports Massage: Working deeper into the muscles, may be effective in preventing injuries by increasing the range of movement, improving muscle strength, flexibility and posture.

45 mins - £50

1 hours - £55

1.5 hours - £80

Hot stone Massage

Using hot volcanic stones to massage, enables deep but gentle work into the muscles. Not suitable if pregnant, have heart disease or taking blood thinning medication.

45mins - £55

1 hour - £60

1.5 hour - £85

Pregnancy Massage with Julie & Georgina

A soothing, relaxing massage, ideal when the body is naturally changing. Received side lying.

45mins - £50

1 hour - £55

Myofascial Release Therapy with Julie

Sustained gentle pressure is applied onto the area, connecting with the fascia that covers the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Easing restrictions causing pain and restoring motion, aiding recovery. Beneficial for conditions not released with regular massage.

45mins - £50

1 hour - £55

1.5 hour - £80


Stimulating points on the feet which correspond to various parts of the body, encourages relaxation, restoration and balance naturally.

Reflexology Supporting Menopausal Symptoms

1 hour - £55

Stimulating points on the feet which correspond to various parts of the body, encourages relaxation, restoration and balance naturally.

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD)

1 hour - £55

Developed to support patients following treatment for breast cancer. After treatment, reduced swelling, discomfort, increased mobility and relaxation may be noticed, RLD may help many other conditions.

Reflexology just for your health and relaxation

1 hour - £55

A truly relaxing treatment a great way to refresh, rebalance and heal.


Reiki with Julie

1 hour - £50

A relaxing treatment supporting and balancing the body’s natural healing ability, promoting well-being and peace. Received fully clothed. Reiki just is!

Combined treatments

Combined treatments

1.5 hours - £80 2 hours - £110

Complete relaxation, combine any of the above treatments ie 45 mins Massage and 45 mins Reflexology.

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