Transitioning Journey using Beauty Treatments

Hello and welcome to my first blog about the transitioning journey to becoming a lady. I’m Ann Winney the owner of Columbines Health & Beauty Salon. The salon is set in the lovely West Sussex village of Hurstpierpoint.  It’s an established salon which I have owned Columbines for 30 years now and love it. One of the main parts I enjoy of my job is meeting new people and helping them.

I have recently been lucky enough to treat several ladies going through their transition journey. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be in the wrong body and how brave it is to face up to that. Making a massive life change like this takes a lot of courage. It’s been wonderful to help in a small way with their new chapters, little things like shaping eyebrows, their first manicure and pedicure, beginning to make them feel like one of us girls.


Stage 1. Free consultation meeting

If you think i’ll be able to help with your transition journey. All you need to do is call 01273 833133 or email me at  Once we are in touch why not come in for a cuppa. We can drink and have chat over a manicure and a bicky.


Stage 1. Hair Removal Treatments

One of the biggest transition treatments for this transformation is of course the hair removal and reduction. So let’s get to the nitty gritty, there are several way to remove hair, waxing is a temporary solution great for legs, bikini, underarms. You need to let the hair grow for a couple of weeks to get a good result, it’s quick and instant and a good place to start. However next is electrolysis which uses a very fine needle inserted into the hair follicle and a current will cauterise the root, each hair may need a few treatments. This transition method is brilliant for the face and smaller areas.


Stage 3. Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Then next is IPL laser (intense pulse light) for the transition. It’s is perfect for areas of dark hair almost anywhere on the body, you must not be too tanned and its not so good on blond hair. You will need a free test patch, and approximately 6 to 9 treatments. If your facial hair is a mix of dark and grey we can treat the dark with IPL and the lighter grey hairs with electrolysis. A client I have at the moment has this very situation, so I came up with a package to suit her. Offering a set price for IPL, electrolysis combo. She is a business lady so I have stayed a few later evenings fit around her day to get a good result, we have both been committed to getting a good result. We are now on the home straight.


If you’re coming from Brighton it’s just 10 mins up the A23. There’s a local village car park just behind our salon.

Columbines Health & Beauty
61 High Street, Hurstpierpoint. West Sussex BN6 9RE

You’ll get a warm professional welcome! Please call Ann on 01273 833133

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