IPL Laser Treatments


IPL Laser Treatments

Laser hair removal specialist, Ann Winney We use award winning British company, Lynton for our ILP laser treatments.

Giving excellent results with permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, pigment and vein treatment.

A free consultation and test patch is needed prior to all IPL treatments.

We are so pleased to offer Illumi Treatments which includes cleanse, peel, IPl rejuvenation helping to reduce sun spots,  fine veins, improving  tone and skin texture, we finish with serum, a soothing balm and sun protection.

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Ann has been fab in helping me on my transition journey to being me. Whether it is a manicure, pedicure, IPL or electrolysis Ann’s 30 years of experience as a beauty therapist shines through, with a smile and sense of humour. The flexibility in appointment times has been brilliant as I have my own business and sometimes need to meet outside of normal hours. I could not recommend Ann highly enough, whatever the treatment you are considering, give her a call.

Paige Collins

Laser hair removal is a revelation! I am absolutely delighted with the results that I’ve seen even with a couple more treatments left to go. Ann is absolutely lovely and I always feel totally at ease and welcome whenever I go into the salon. I would fully recommend Columbines and IPL laser treatment.


IPL Laser Treaments

Illumi Treatments

Illumi Face and Neck


Illumi Decollete (chest)


Illumi Face, Neck, Decollete


Illumi Hands


IPL targeted areas suitable for sun spots & veins


10 mins

IPL targeted areas suitable for sun spots & veins


20 mins

Permanent Hair Reduction for Men



course of 3…..£243



course of 3…..£257

Just imagine no more waxing or shaving!

Permanent Hair Reduction



course of 3….£175

Brazilian Bikini


course of 3…£215

Hollywood Bikini

price after consultation



course of 3…£189

Under arms


course of 3.…£153

Lower arms


course of 3….£189

Full arm


course of 3….£270

Lower leg


course of 3…£324

Full Leg & Bikini


course of 3….£580

Thighs (no bikini)


course of 3…£350

Top Lip


course of 3…£95

Chin or side burns


course of 3…£108

Full Face


course of 3….£215

Hands & fingers


course of 3…..£108

Navel line


course of 3…..£108

We can also tailor make your treatments, price after consultation.

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